J-Gaming has moved. Read here where.

So it seems that J-Gaming has received an extreme hiatus. It is our first one ever and it is with good reason.

The reason for no posts in 2 days is because J-Gaming is moving… again.


I know, I know! Why the fourth time? Why now? Just why?!

All is explained in the first available post which is http://jgamer.x10.mx/we-moved-again-new-j-gaming-faq

This might be the last post on jgamers.wordpress.com . For all future news please check out http://jgamer.x10.mx/

Thanks for being with us here. You helped start J-Gaming off very nicely.

See you on the new J-Gaming website!

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The Best KickStarters: March 16th

Welcome back to our 2nd time for The Best KickStarters! This week we got some nice titles for the hardcore gamers. Time to take a look!

Super Chibi Knight: A Cute Spicy RPG Adventure by Nick Pasto

Super Chibi Knight is a classic 2-D platforming hack n’ slash RPG for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Go on a single-player adventure with a quirky story crafted by the game’s programmer/artist and his 8 year-old daughter (who also stars as the voice actress)!

This is a full-sized sequel to the original Chibi Knight web game, but this is NOT A WEB GAME!  This game is at least 5 times bigger than the original and designed as a PC/Mac/Linux download for full-screen play with a gaming controller.

The Hero Trap by SMASHWORX

“The Hero Trap” is a frenetic, roguelike dungeon-crawler. A  glorious treasure has been promised, but all who’ve sought to attain it have found only death. But you have a plan! You can gather the souls of great warriors past, who’ve failed where you now seek success, to aid you on your epic quest. These heroes are strong, but not invincible–their spirit energy can only withstand so much punishment before returning back to the ethereal ooze.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 by KING Art Games

The next installment in the acclaimed BoUT-series will be unleashed  beginning of 2015 and it will be filled to the brim with puzzles, eccentric characters and the trademark BoUT-humor. But we want to do more; more epic, more shiny, more community involvement, more… of everything!

Have some other KickStarters you would like to recommend? Post it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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Poll of the Week #1: iOS or Android?

With iOS recently updated as iOS 7.1, it is overall a nice update. However, can it be considered a good OS when compared to Android?

(Because of how iOS is only available as stock, this will be against stock Android 4.4.2.)

So, in this poll, we will be doing iOS 7.1 vs. Android 4.4.2!

Thanks for casting your vote and reading!

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Andromo Reveals Huge Update + Big News!

Do you guys know how to make an Android app? If not, many options are available outside of building it yourself. One of the best ways to make one without coding is Andromo, an online service that allows you to make your own Android apps for free.
There is also options to get revenue from your apps, which equals free money!
Recently, a HUGE update was released yesterday, and it is the biggest one yet. A complete redesign happened to the website, making it completely mobile optimized and ready for phones. Technically, you can now make apps from your phone properly.

Why are we posting about Andromo? Our Android app J-Gaming runs it! Press this sentence to check it out!  J-Gaming is confirming now that a HUGE update will be coming to our Android app on Google Play sometime this weekend! It will be based around the new J-Gaming looks now on! Also expect simplicity and better looking everything!

Check out Andromo by pressing here!

I really think you should try it. The service itself is very user-friendly and simple, and you can make your app all about the stuff you do. That is what I call a good job.

Thanks for reading!

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Unreal Engine… On a web browser?

You guys have heard of Unreal Engine, a game engine that allows really high detail quality games to exist? The gaming engine that can run on almost anything, even smart phones and tablets? Well, be prepared to be surprised, as Mozilla (the creators of Firefox) and Epic Games (the creator of Unreal Engine) have teamed up to port Unreal Engine, on something Unreal.

Firefox can now run Unreal Engine- Wait, didn’t they already with Unreal Engine 3 sometime last year? Yes, but I wasn’t finished. I was going to say they ported Unreal Engine 4. The latest engine that has barely been used and is still incredibly new has now been ported to a web browser.

You can’t try it out right now, as it is still in development (like I said, still incredibly new), but you can see some footage of it.


What do you think about this? Is Mozilla trying to win back users from Chrome by getting a high-end gaming engine into it… again? Post in the comments below what you think about it! Thanks for reading!

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