Unreal Engine… On a web browser?

You guys have heard of Unreal Engine, a game engine that allows really high detail quality games to exist? The gaming engine that can run on almost anything, even smart phones and tablets? Well, be prepared to be surprised, as Mozilla (the creators of Firefox) and Epic Games (the creator of Unreal Engine) have teamed up to port Unreal Engine, on something Unreal.

Firefox can now run Unreal Engine- Wait, didn’t they already with Unreal Engine 3 sometime last year? Yes, but I wasn’t finished. I was going to say they ported Unreal Engine 4. The latest engine that has barely been used and is still incredibly new has now been ported to a web browser.

You can’t try it out right now, as it is still in development (like I said, still incredibly new), but you can see some footage of it.


What do you think about this? Is Mozilla trying to win back users from Chrome by getting a high-end gaming engine into it… again? Post in the comments below what you think about it! Thanks for reading!


I'm the owner of the new community "Jay-Cast", as well as the main game developer of "Ultra Hard Planet".

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