Andromo Reveals Huge Update + Big News!

Do you guys know how to make an Android app? If not, many options are available outside of building it yourself. One of the best ways to make one without coding is Andromo, an online service that allows you to make your own Android apps for free.
There is also options to get revenue from your apps, which equals free money!
Recently, a HUGE update was released yesterday, and it is the biggest one yet. A complete redesign happened to the website, making it completely mobile optimized and ready for phones. Technically, you can now make apps from your phone properly.

Why are we posting about Andromo? Our Android app J-Gaming runs it! Press this sentence to check it out!  J-Gaming is confirming now that a HUGE update will be coming to our Android app on Google Play sometime this weekend! It will be based around the new J-Gaming looks now on! Also expect simplicity and better looking everything!

Check out Andromo by pressing here!

I really think you should try it. The service itself is very user-friendly and simple, and you can make your app all about the stuff you do. That is what I call a good job.

Thanks for reading!

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