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J-Gaming has moved. Read here where.

So it seems that J-Gaming has received an extreme hiatus. It is our first one ever and it is with good reason. The reason for no posts in 2 days is because J-Gaming is moving… again. I know, I

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The Best KickStarters: March 16th

Welcome back to our 2nd time for The Best KickStarters! This week we got some nice titles for the hardcore gamers. Time to take a look! Super Chibi Knight: A Cute Spicy RPG Adventure by Nick Pasto Super Chibi Knight is a

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Poll of the Week #1: iOS or Android?

With iOS recently updated as iOS 7.1, it is overall a nice update. However, can it be considered a good OS when compared to Android? (Because of how iOS is only available as stock, this will be against stock Android 4.4.2.)

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Andromo Reveals Huge Update + Big News!

Do you guys know how to make an Android app? If not, many options are available outside of building it yourself. One of the best ways to make one without coding is Andromo, an online service that allows you to

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What is Pono Music, and the PonoPlayer?

Before I continue, let me say now that even though this isn’t really related to gaming, I decided that it’s time for more than just gaming news. Hello, ‘Other’ category! Remember, back in the day, when the OUYA became the

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