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Poll of the Week #1: iOS or Android?

With iOS recently updated as iOS 7.1, it is overall a nice update. However, can it be considered a good OS when compared to Android? (Because of how iOS is only available as stock, this will be against stock Android 4.4.2.)

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Andromo Reveals Huge Update + Big News!

Do you guys know how to make an Android app? If not, many options are available outside of building it yourself. One of the best ways to make one without coding is Andromo, an online service that allows you to

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AVIATE™ Beta Review

AVIATE™  is a home launcher. From that sentence, you might think it is just a typical launcher for your Android smart phone, like Nova and GO. But it is more than you think. AVIATE™ is a home launcher that is intelligent to

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Why rooting your device is so popular to do.

Android. If you know about smart phones, you should at least know about Android. Android is a free open source operating system that allows you to go practically inside your device and change its looks. (something iPhone can’t do!) But

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IronPants Review

Flappy Bird. Every time you hear that name, you just want to go berserk. But there is some people that loved Flappy Bird, and wished that it came back. Now what will you do to pass the time on your

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